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Meditation on Steroids

Beyond "OM"

It turns out that dedicated meditators have different brains than those who do not use meditation in their daily self care routine. Their brains tend to be larger in volume, have stronger connections between regions associated with attention and learning, and possibly even age more slowly! In one study done in 2016, the brains of 50-year-old-dedicated meditators appeared to be seven and a half years younger than those of the same age who did not meditate.

It's not clear if it is meditation that causes the difference or if people with certain brain structures are more likely to meditate, says study co-author Nicolus Cherbuin, PhD. director of the Neuroimaging and Brain lab at the Australian National University.

It is a fact that meditating can help keep brain eroding stress to a minimum.

If you are not inclined to mediate or even if you do meditate regularly the effects of NeurOptimal neurofeedback is like meditation on steroids.

What happens during the training is the CNS brings itself back to the present moment over and over and over again (a goal of meditation) so often people report that when they come out of the training they have a feeling of more clarity and deep calm. The ongoing reported results from millions of trainees after a series of twenty or more is an increased ability to stay calm and hold their peace. Your OM deepens to Ahh.

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